tap [1] NOUN 1) a device by which a flow of liquid or gas from a pipe or container can be controlled. 2) an instrument for cutting a threaded hole in a material. 3) a device connected to a telephone for listening secretly to conversations. 4) Brit. a taproom.
VERB (tapped, tapping) 1) draw liquid through the tap or spout of (a cask, barrel, etc.). 2) draw sap from (a tree) by cutting into it. 3) exploit or draw a supply from (a resource). 4) informal obtain money or information from. 5) connect a device to (a telephone) so that conversations can be listened to secretly. 6) cut a thread in (something) to accept a screw.
on tap — Cf. ↑on tap
DERIVATIVES tappable adjective.
ORIGIN Old English, «stopper for a cask».
tap [2] VERB (tapped, tapping) 1) strike or knock with a quick light blow or blows. 2) strike lightly and repeatedly against something else. 3) US informal designate or select for a task or honour.
NOUN 1) a quick light blow. 2) tap dancing. 3) a piece of metal attached to the toe and heel of a tap dancer's shoe to make a tapping sound.
DERIVATIVES tapper noun.
ORIGIN Old French taper, or imitative.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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